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This page collects the various compiled, spliced, and edited versions of the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion RP thread. They are in rough chronological order, as near as can be managed; parts 3-7 all overlap the span of part 2.

Part 1: Return to HQ

    In which the Macrovirus Epidemic ends and the Mary Sue Invasion begins.

Part 2: Cafeteria, Tomb, and Aftermath

    Concerning the Battle of the Cafeteria, the Massacre at the Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent, and the aftermath.

Part 3: Battle Without Honor or Humanity

    Concerning Agents Murtagh, Titus, Kim, Ansela, and Risa.

Part 4: Pro Libertate

    Concerning Agents Lucien, July, and Library.

Part 5: The Search for Sabbat

    Concerning Agents Archer, Sabbat, Anjilly Ka, and Brenden Sanderson.

Part 6: Legitimate Medical Procedure

    Concerning a skirmish near the Medical Department.

Part 7: From OFUR

    Concerning Agents Laburnum, Foxglove, Skyfire, Stormsong, Drake, and Naomi.