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It's probably not best to ask what was going through my mind when I wrote this, except time loops without time travel.

Takes place sometime in January 2008.

There was a distinct crow of delight coming from July’s direction. “Yes yes yes yes yeeeeees!”  

Library looked over the top of the book she was reading to give her currently giddy partner a quizzical expression. “Yes?” She hadn’t quite gotten used to July’s occasional random outbursts and comments, though they had been partners for awhile now.

July spun out of the stool she had been sitting on and beamed back. “I got Internet!” One of the screens on the Console displayed the main page of Google.

“Ah? Is that a good thing?”

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, yes, it is. I didn‘t know they had Internet access.” This wasn’t especially surprising, because since Library had first known July the other girl had tended to avoid getting close to the Console unless it was for a mission.

“Ah.” Library returned to her book.

July sat back in the stool and looked at the screen that had the search engine on it. “What to do, what to do,” she muttered. She didn’t want to check her e-mail since she was afraid of what she would find in it, and reading bad fan fiction had lost amusement since that was now what she was doing.

“Hah, I know.” July laughed to herself, and typed “Protectors of the Plot Continuum” into the search box.

To her surprise, there were actually results.

There was nearly half an hour of furious reading and clicking. Finally, there was a distinct “Buwah?”. July reread the page, just in case it hadn’t said what she thought it had said.

JulyFlame has the dubious honor of being the founder of the PPCwiki and the creator of Agents Library and July.

It still said what it had said. July cleared the browser’s history and closed the browser itself.  “Library, where‘s the neuralyzer?”

“Isn‘t it in your coat pocket?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Why did you want to know where it was?”

“Oh, no reason.”

Library sighed over her book and slipped the sunglasses on just before she heard the distinct noise of a neuralyzer go off. July had gotten quite good at using it on herself, she noticed.

There was about five minutes of silence, and then, “Yes yes yes yes yeeeeees!”