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Titles and Name: Agent/Librarian-in-Training Calpurnia Library

Age: Sixteen in the earliest missions, nineteen in the latest.

Appearance: Library has blonde hair that she normally keeps in a bun which is usually in some stage of falling apart. She is of an average height, making her taller than July and many other short Agents.

Her uniform is comprised of an ankle length black skirt, blouse, and over that a jacket with the Floaters flashpatch. All attempts on the part of others to try to get her to switch to trousers have so far failed.

Library's favored weapon, when applicable, is a Beretta 92 pistol, which she originally gained from "the day i got stuck in DOOM".

Personality: Library is far calmer than her partner and more reasonable than most Agents, though she still shows a tendency to become slightly hysterical over some of July's more stranger antics, and at times has proven to be, as July put it, "kinda scary". Like July, she also has a respect for authority, but is less flippant about it. She has a great interest in books, particularly those she cannot find in her home continuum, and can rarely be found without one, reading even on missions.

That said, while she does have a respect for authority and is the calmer one of the pair, she usually manages to sidestep what one might expect would occur to such a person in the PPC by being rather savvy in regards to the Laws of Narration and those of Comedy; as long as July presents a far more tempting target, Library usually is able to glide past without too much concern.

History: Library comes from an organization of librarians in a world that is an early 20th century steampunk alternate history equivalent to real Earth. What  her background is beyond that, she hasn't revealed; it wasn't until she and July had been partners for several months that July learned Library's first name, so it is unlikely that she will be more forthcoming with information unless asked- which July probably won't due to that 'scary' thing, because whatever her background is, it was one where she learned how to shoot a gun at a rather young age.