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Titles and Name: The JulyFlame (JF)

Age: Fourteen in her earliest missions, seventeen in the latest

Appearance: JF looks exactly like July, age difference aside, and a few minor details. While July's expression is only slightly cracked, JF's expressions are turned up to eleven and comparatively exaggerated. 

Her uniform is usually a black-tshirt, jeans, and the DMS flashpatch.

Her favorite weapon is herself. 

Personality: Where July is high strung, neurotic, and twitchy, JF is bubbly, overly emotive, and reactive, with brief moments of utter cluelessness in regards to her surroundings- and no sense of self preservation. Unlike July, she is completely a creature of the moment, without <s>much</s> any self control, needing to be constantly controlled and held back. 

All considered, it's probably a good thing she's a durable, flammable, and oblivious little thing.

History: Once upon a time, on a Earth, a fourteen year old July wrote up a fanfiction and included an avatar insert of herself within the story as an all-powerful annoying little bugger, as per the rules that at some point, either through fanfiction or online roleplays, a person makes an annoying avatar of themselves with powers. 

JF was the result of several RPs during this timeframe which cumulated in the avatar within the story. 

July proceeded to forget about the story for a few years, until she was older, somewhat more mature, and an agent for the PPC and sent on a mission into that story.

Due to the wonderful timelocking effects of fanfiction, JF had been preserved in the state she had been written; younger than her agent counterpart, and with the sort of personality borne through being written to be a 'fun' avatar, and ended up being 'recruited' (read: dragged into HQ after nearly being murdered by her agent counterpart and said agent counterpart buggering off).